Thali Meal – 24

This is a traditional Thali that is prepared on ‘Sutha Punnav’ /the full moon day of the month of Shravan, when men of the Konkani community of Mangalore, Goa and Kerala change the sacred thread/Yagnopavitra worn by them after Upanayanam/A ritual initiating a boy into reciting the Gayatri Japa. A couple of other Indian communities too follow this tradition, but the cuisine differs depending on the region where they come from. The only similarity is that since all these communities come from the rice growing areas of India, Rice is their staple. On the Thali is Rice, Dalithoy, Khotto/ Idli batter steamed in Jackfruit leaves, Okra Sambhar, Ivygourd and Tender Cashew Stir Fry, White Pigeon peas Ghashi, Coriander leaves Gozzu, Yam Pickle, Bread Fruit Fritters, Pathrado, Sevya /Vermicelli Kheer and Buttermilk.

Okra Sambhar Recipe

Khotto/ Urad and Rava batter steamed in Jackfruit leaves Recipe

Ivygourd and Tender Cashew Stir Fry Recipe

Yam pickle Recipe

Pigeon peas Ghashi Recipe

Coriander Leaves Sweet and Tangy Gozzu /Chutney Recipe

Moong Pathrado / Colocassia leaves Roll – 2

Breadfruit Fritters Recipe

Dalithoy Recipe

Vermicelli or Sevya Kheer Recipe

Masala Buttermilk Recipe

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