Ashadi Ekadashi Special

Ashadi Ekadashi is a special day for the Hindus. Lord Vithala is worshipped and His devotees throng to His shrine at Pandharpur a small town in Maharashtra. Some fast and some celebrate! The Konkani community celebrates this festival by preparing Gajbaje, a dish which has a variety of vegetables that are available only during the monsoon months. Gharayi or roasted Jackfruit in coconut milk is another preparation that is offered to the Lord along with Urad and Rava Idli. I usually make a Madgane as jackfruit is not enjoyed at home. The recipe links to all have been posted below.

Idli – Split Black Gram and Semolina Recipe

Gajbaje Recipe

Madgane/Manganem/ Bengal Gram Paysam Recipe

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