Divine Dosa

Like the story of Goldilocks where she found the right size of the chair, bowl of porridge and the bed, this Dosa too is just right for those who love crisp or others who love soft dosas. Spread extremely thin it turns out super crisp and a beautiful golden orangish brown and when spread thick turns out fluffy and porous. There are dosas and dosas, but this particular combination is a winner.


500 gms Masoor Dal

250 gms rice

150 gms Urad dal

1 heaped tsp Methi seeds


Oil to roast the dosa.


Wash and soak the urad and masoor dal together in a container. Wash and soak the rice and methi seeds together in another container. The dals and rice have to be soaked for about five hours. First grind the urad and masoor dal together in the wet grinder for half an hour adding enough water as required to get a smooth and fluffy batter. In the meanwhile grind the rice and methi seeds together in the mixer to a fine batter. Drop this batter into the wet grinder and continue grinding for another five minutes till the dals and rice have blended well. Pour the batter into a large container. Add salt and mix well. Allow to ferment for ten to twelve hours.

Mix the batter thoroughly and pour a ladleful on a hot griddle/ tava. Spread it thinly in concentric circles over the tava, drizzle with a teaspoon of oil or ghee. Reduce flame and allow to roast to a golden brown. This dosa does not need to be roasted on the other side as it gets roasted well since its spread thin. Fold and serve with chutney or potato bhaji.

You can also make thick fluffy ones by pouring a ladleful of batter on a hot tava, drizzling with ghee or oil and spreading it to required thickness. Cover and cook over a medium flame. This too need not be flipped and roasted .. it gets cooked to perfection.

The above measurement when measured in cups reads to two cups of masoor dal, one cup of rice and three fourth cup of urad dal.

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