Moong Pathrado / Colocassia leaves Roll – 2

This is Pathrado or Colocassia leaves Roll made with Moong or Green Gram. A delicacy with the Konkani community of Mangalore, it is eaten drizzled with Coconut oil or with a Coconut Ghashi. It is simply mouth watering!

Ingredients :

  • 21 Colocassia leaves
  • 250 gms Moong/Green gram
  • 1 small coconut grated
  • 25 dry red chillies roasted in a little oil
  • 4 Chickpea size of Hing/asafoetida
  • 2 level tsps Tamarind paste
  • Salt

Method :
Devein the Colocassia leaves using a gentle hand, as they tear easily. Wash and wipe dry. Keep aside. Wash and soak the Moong overnight. Grind the coconut, roasted red chillies, hing and tamarind to a smooth paste using just enough water to facilitate grinding. Using this paste grind the moong in small batches to a semi coarse consistency. Add water while grinding only if necessary as the batter should be thick. Tip this ground Moong and coconut batter into a vessel. Add salt and mix thoroughly. Place a large Colocassia leaf on the table top with its underneath facing upwards. The base of the leaf should be towards you and the tip pointing upwards. Apply the batter on it. Place a leaf slightly smaller than the first one on it. Apply the batter on the second leaf too. Place the third leaf and follow it up with the batter again. Fold both the ends of the leaf towards the centre. They stay put as they get stuck to the batter. Now fold both the sides of the leaf and bring them to the centre. Lastly fold the tip and bring this too towards the centre. This way you have all the ends folded. Now tightly roll the leaves from the bottom to the top till they form a log. Keep aside. Finish off with the remaining leaves. Place the rolls in a steamer and steam them for half an hour. A knife inserted in the roll should come out clean. This shows that the Pathrado is cooked. Switch off. Allow to cool a little. Remove from the steamer, cut into pieces and serve drizzled with Coconut oil.

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    1. This website caters to the world and not just Indians sir. How would anybody who is not Indian understand? Ghashi is a coconut based curry.

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