Tomato, spinach and Kidney Beans Soup

Food for the soul! A hearty soup of Kidney Beans, chickpeas, spinach and tomatoes. It is filling and in fact serves as a meal. Two bowls of this delicious soup and you can skip the rice, bread or Roti. Excellent soup for weight watchers. My heartfelt thanks to Veena Shenoy for the recipe .


One fistful each of Red Kidney Beans and Chickpeas soaked overnight and pressure cooked

25 leaves of spinach chopped fine

5 tomatoes quartered

1 large onion sliced


1 tsp Kashmii chilly powder

1/2 tsp pepper powder

5 tbsps Maggie sweet and sour sauce


Pressure cook the tomatoes, spinach and onions to one whistle. Drop it into the mixture of the cooked Kidney beans and chickpeas. Allow it to cool. Strain some of the kidney beans, chickpeas, tomato and spinach , mash it or pulse it in the mixer and add it to the soup to thicken it. Add the chilly and pepper powders, salt, the sweet and sour sauce and bring to a boil. Simmer the soup for a few minutes. Serve hot.

Serves six.

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