Instant Chapati

This is an amazing recipe of Instant Chapati that my friend Sabitha Shenoy shared with me. No kneading, no rolling nor does it need to be prepared in advance. Ready in just a few minutes. Extremely soft and delicious. You can see from the folds how soft it is. More like a Roomali roti made of wheat flour. Only requirement is a non stick tava/ skillet.


1 cup wheat flour

Salt as required

1/2 tsp sugar

1 tbsp oil

Water to make a batter of dosa consistency.


Take one cup of wheat flour in a bowl. Add the salt, sugar and oil. Keep adding water a little at a time taking care to see no lumps are formed. Whisk the batter in one direction adding water till you get a batter of flowing consistency. The batter should not be thick. Heat a non stick tava/ skillet. When it’s just warm, pour a ladleful of the batter and spread it thinly in concentric circles to a diameter of seven to eight inches. The size of the Chapati depends on the size of the tava. Turn up the heat to medium low and allow the Chapati to roast. Once you see bubbles appearing, flip and roast on the other side as well. Keep pressing down with the spatula. Once roasted remove and serve hot. You may brush it with ghee if required.

Note: The entire roasting process has to take place on a medium flame as turning on the heat too high can make the Chapati hard.

This proportion yields 6 chapatis.

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