Thali-meal – 22

A Thali which exudes a variety of flavours – Spicy, sweet, tangy, savoury all in one, makes it interesting and is a gourmet’s delight! Posting a Thali which has all these flavours today. Akki Rotti, Rice, Varan, Potato and Onion Saung, Farmyard Beans and Ridgegourd Sukkein, Papad, Spicy Papad, Peas, potato and Onion dry Curry, Masala Buttermilk, Roasted Gram and Jaggery Ladoo and Fruits.

Akki Rotti / Rice Pancake Recipe

Varan/Goan Dal Recipe

Potato, Peas and Onion Curry Dry Recipe

Farmyard Beans and Ridge Gourd Sukkein Recipe

Potato and Onion Saung-2 Recipe

Roasted Bengal Gram Dal and Jaggery Ladoo Recipe

Masala Buttermilk Recipe

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