Thali Meal – 12

A traditional Thali of Rice, Dalithoy, Arbi Stir Fry, Colocassia leaves Roll Stir fry, Onion Vodi Kismuri, Kuchumber, Potato and Onion Saung, Horse gram Koddel, Mango Curry, Jackfruit Gharayi and Buttermilk.

Onion Vodi/ Crispies Kismuri

Horse Gram/Kulta Koddel Recipe

Colocassia Roll Upkari /Stir Fry Recipe

Kuchumber Recipe

Potato and Onion Saung Recipe

Colocassia Root/ Arbi stir fry

Mango Curry Recipe

Jackfruit Gharayi/Pradhaman Recipe

Dalithoy Recipe

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