Vodi kismuri-2

This crunchy, tasty Vodi kismuri is best enjoyed with a Dal rice. Vodi are Onion fryums the recipe of which I have shared in my website. You can also buy the sun-dried ones available and fry them. This kismuri is usually made of the Vodi which is broken while handling. I have already posted the version which I generally make. This recipe was shared by my friend Nandini Supriya Bhat. This one needs to be prepared just a few minutes prior to a meal as making it beforehand turns it soggy.


1 medium sized bowl of fried onion Vodi crushed

1 large onion chopped fine

1/2 of a medium sized carrot grated

1 green chilly minced


1tsp coconut oil/ optional


Crush the minced chilly and salt together and tip them into a bowl. Add the grated carrot , onion and mix well. Drop in the crushed Vodi, mix and serve immediately. You may serve it drizzled with a little coconut oil. Recipe link to the Onion Vodi is given below.


This proportion serves 3.

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