Vegetable and cheese grilled sandwich

This vegetable and cheese grilled sandwich is one of the most popular amongst the variety of sandwiches in Mumbai.

Every nook and corner of Mumbai has a handcart selling these and the regular vegetable sandwiches, with a spicy green chutney slathered on for good measure. Loaded with a variety of vegetables and toasted to perfection, it will remain the Mumbaikars favourite street food.

It is the fragrant coriander and mint chutney which adds flavour to this sandwich. Recipe given in the link below.


A loaf of sandwich bread

All purpose chutney

Boiled potatoes, peeled and sliced

Cucumber peeled and sliced

Tomatoes sliced

Onions sliced thin

Beetroot boiled, peeled and sliced

Sandwich or chat masala

Cheese singles

Amul butter


Apply butter on both sides of two slices of bread. Spread chutney on one side of the buttered slices. Top one of them with the slices of vegetables mentioned above. Sprinkle with Chat masala and place a cheese single over them. Cover this with the other slice. Place this sandwich in a grill or in a hand held toaster and grill to a deep golden brown. Serve with tomato ketchup.

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