Rajasthani Garlic chutney.

An extremely easy and delicious chutney made with red chillies and garlic, this famous Rajasthani Lehsun/ garlic Chutney is a must have in Rajasthan for every meal. It is akin to a pickle that is a must in the South.

This chutney is paired with the traditional delicacies such as Dal Baati, Moong Dal Chilla or Gatte Ka Pulao and Pakoras. The chutney can also be enjoyed on toast, bread, parathas and dosa.


24 dry red Byadgi chillies

15 cloves of garlic

2 tsps Kashmiri red chilli powder


1 tsp Amchur

1/4 cup oil


Roast the chillies with a tablespoon of oil till they are crisp. Remove. Add another tablespoon of oil and roast the garlic cloves to a golden brown. Add the Kashmiri red chilly powder and amchur powder. Toss and immediately tip it on to the roasted chillies. Allow the roasted chillies and the garlic to cool. Transfer everything into a blender. Add salt and dry grind. Keep adding oil till the entire chutney blends to form a paste. Remove and store in an air tight container.

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