Pasta in white sauce.

An all time favourite with children and adults alike, this pasta in white sauce is extremely easy to make and ready in no time. See that you cook the pasta and chop the vegetables side by side to get it ready in just fifteen minutes.


200 gms pasta

Half of a red, yellow and green bell pepper cut into cubes

A small head of Broccoli

100 gms boiled sweet corn

1 large onion cut into petals

3 tbsps of garlic finely chopped

5 tbsps of butter

3 tbsps of maida/ all purpose flour

2 glasses/ 500 ml of milk

Pepper, salt, chilly flakes and mixed herbs as per taste.

4 tbsps grated cheese


1/2 tsp oil.


Boil two litres of water. Add a heaped tsp of salt and then drop the pasta into the boiling water. Always bring the water to a boil before adding pasta and use salt while cooking it so that it gets infused. Lower heat and keep boiling for around ten minutes. It is to be cooked al dente that is 85 percent cooked. It gets cooked in the sauce too later. Drain the water and immediately wash with cold water to stop further cooking. Drain thoroughly in a colander and drizzle with half a tsp of oil to prevent clumping. Toss and keep aside. Heat two tbsps of butter in a pan. Drop in the finely chopped garlic and roast to a golden yellow. Add the onions and toss for a couple of seconds. Drop in the cubed bell peppers, brocolli and the boiled sweet corn. Add salt and pepper and keep tossing on a high flame. The vegetables should cook but retain their crunch. Tip them into a plate. Heat the remaining butter in the same pan and add the maida to it. Roast on a very gentle flame for about two to three minutes till it loses its rawness. Drop in the milk and keep stirring to avoid lumps. Once it comes to a boil drop in the vegetables, the pasta and sprinkle the chilly flakes, mixed herbs and pepper. Check for salt. Do remember that you have added salt while cooking the pasta. Drop in the cheese.. Simmer for a minute or two and serve hot.

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