Thali Meal- 142

A Thali with Sattvik and non Sattvik food to celebrate friendship day..

In India, the first Sunday of August marks friendship day. Friends wish one another, go out for lunch or meet over coffee. Exchange of yellow roses and chocolates is also common.

Sattvik food are those preparations without the use of onion and garlic and are prepared on auspicious occasions and when one is fasting.

Food items which use whole spices, garlic and onion are enjoyed on all other days.

Here is a Thali which has a mix of both for all my friends.

On the platter are rice, dal, double beans hummanna, idli, chutney, pathrado, gulab jamoon, curds and mixed vegetable pickle, in the sattvik section. On the other side are double beans Saung, moong Sannakhotto, tomato omelette and chutney, slices of onion, vermicelli kheer, Andhra Avakai pickle and masala chaas.

Papad is common to both. It has been rolled and shaped into yellow roses which symbolise friendship.

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