Cucumber and Jackruit seed stir fry/ Magge Tamboor

The Cucumber and Jackruit seed stir fry is a seasonal delicacy prepared by the GSB / Konkani community of Mangalore. This variety of Cucumber is available during late summer and can be stored uncut for almost four months. A few such vegetables like Pumpkin, Ashgourd and Yam were stored to tide over the monsoon months half a century ago. Today all kinds of fresh vegetables are freely available and with people shifting to apartments, storing them is now almost non existent.


250 gms Cucumber de skinned, cored and chopped into tiny bits

25 seeds of Jackruit peeled and sliced

2 tbsps jaggery powder or syrup

500 ml of water


For the tempering:

2 tbsps Coconut oil

15 garlic cloves crushed gently

3 dry red chillies broken into bits


Tip the chopped cucumber and sliced jackfruit seeds into a pressure cooker. Add salt and two glasses of water. Pressure cook to two whistles. Allow pressure to release naturally. Add the jaggery and bring to a boil. Heat oil in a pan. Add the crushed garlic and roast to a golden brown. Drop in the broken red chilly bits, toss and drop the seasoning into the boiling Tamboor. Allow to simmer for a couple of minutes. Switch off and keep aside for about fifteen minutes for the flavours to infuse. Serve it as a mixer over rice.

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