Ripe Jackruit fritters

Ripe jackruit fritters was something I had never tried . I was pleasantly surprised to see it being posted by my sister in law who lives in the interiors of Mangalore. I lost no time in trying it out and it tastes simply divine. I made a slight change to her recipe by using Besan/ chickpea flour instead of semolina.


12 pieces of Jackfruit ( the firm variety)


2 heaped tsps chilly powder

3 tbsps Besan/ chickpea flour

4 tbsps rice flour

Oil to fry the fritters


Remove the seed from the Jackfruit segment and slice it into long one inch wide strips . Sprinkle salt and chilly powder over them. Marinate them for around ten to fifteen minutes. Tip the Besan and rice flour into a bowl. Mix thoroughly. Dust the marinated segments with this mixture. Heat oil in a pan and deep fry the segments on a medium flame till crisp. Serve hot.

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