Caramelized Banana Recipe

Nendrapalam or the Kerala Bananas are usually used to prepare this dish. I tried it with the usual Elaichi Bananas that I had. It has turned out delicious! An easy and quick dessert that can be made when having unexpected guests.

Ingredients :

2 Elaichi Bananas

5 tbsps sugar

2 tsps Ghee/ clarified butter

2 tbsps water

A pinch of Elaichi/cardamom powder

A few cashews or almonds roasted in Ghee.


Peel the bananas and slice them lengthwise into two. Place them in a pan and drizzle Ghee over them. Roast to a golden brown. Take the sugar in a pan. Keep stirring it over a gentle flame till it melts and turns into a deep golden brown. Add the cardamom powder and water to thin it down. Switch off and pour it over the roasted Bananas. Garnish with roasted cashews or almonds.

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