Vidyarthi Bhavan Dosa

Vidyarthi Bhavan is a restaurant in Bengaluru famous for it’s Dosa. They serve a variety, and each of them is finger licking good. Posting their most popular Dosa which gets it’s reddish hue because of the Red rice used. The link to the Chutney is given below.

Ingredients :

1 cup Red rice

3/4 cup Urad dal/Split black gram

1 cup Dosa rice

1/4 cup Arhar dal/Split pigeon peas

1/4 cup Chana dal /Split Bengal gram

1/4 cup Thick poha/Flattened rice

2 cups Rice flour

2 tbsps Methi /Fenugreek seeds

2 tbsps Salt

2 tsps Sugar

Oil or ghee for roasting the Dosa.


Soak all the above mentioned ingredients except rice flour for six hours. Grind it to a fine batter non stop in a wet grinder for half an hour adding water a little at a time, to get a batter of pouring consistency. Allow to ferment for ten to twelve hours. Two hours prior to making the Dosa add the rice flour and sugar. Mix thoroughly and keep aside. Heat a griddle/tava. Pour a ladleful of batter and spread it in concentric circles. You can spread it thick or thin as desired. Drizzle with Ghee or oil. Roast to a crisp and serve with Chutney.

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