Sweet Moong Sundal

Sundal is a preparation of lentils which could be either sweet or savoury. It is made as an offering to the deity, especially during Navratri. This recipe of sweet Moong Sundal was shared by my friend Asha Sathish Philar who is a chef par excellence and has authored a recipe book herself.


1/2 cup/ 125 gms Moong/ green gram

16 slivers of Copra/ dry coconut

9 Cashewnuts halved

2 tbsps Kishmish

5 tbsps Jaggery syrup

1 tsp Cardamom powder

2 tbsps Ghee

7 tbsps dessicated coconut or fresh coconut


Wash the moong and pressure cook to two whistles. Some prefer soaking it for an hour or so, but I prefer to cook it directly. This prevents the Moong turning mushy.

Heat the Ghee in a pan. Add the copra and cashews. Roast to a golden yellow. Drop in the kishmish and switch off the flame. Toss. The kishmish immediately puffs up. Tip it into the cooked Moong along with the jaggery syrup, dessicated coconut and cardamom powder. Mix well. Heat for a couple of minutes. Serve hot or cold.

Note: If you do not have jaggery syrup on hand you can make it by dissolving five tablespoons of jaggery in half a glass of water. Bring it to a boil on a gentle flame. The syrup is ready. I prefer to make a large batch and stock it as it comes in handy while cooking.

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