I was left with exactly six balls of the filling or Puran of the Puranpoli that I had made the other day. Was reminded of the Sukrundo that we relished as kids. So, lost no time in making a batter and making them.

The recipe link to making the Puran is shared below.

Puran Poli -2

Sharing the recipe of the batter in which the balls of Puran are dipped and deep fried.

Ingredients :

1/2 cup Besan/Chickpea flour

2 tbsps rice flour

A pinch of salt and Turmeric powder.

Ghee to fry the Sukrundo


Drop the Besan, rice flour, salt and Turmeric into a bowl. Add enough water to make a thick batter. Mix well and keep aside. Heat the Ghee in a pan. Dip the balls of Puran into the batter and gently slide them into the hot Ghee. Deep fry to a golden brown. Remove and drain. Serve hot.

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