Rava Bhakri with Banana

Rava Bhakri is made in a variety of ways. Posting the preparation that I learnt from my dear friend Shirley Bharath where she added a mashed banana and curds . This is one preparation that is filling and is ready in no time.


1 cup / 200 gms Rava/ semolina

1 elaichi banana sliced fine

1/4 of a coconut grated

5 green chillies

1 inch piece of ginger

A chickpea sized piece of Hing/ asafoetida

2 sprigs curry leaves finely chopped

1/2 cup curd


4 tsps sugar

Ghee to roast the Bhakri


Grind the ginger, green chillies, hing, salt and sugar coarsely. Add the grated coconut and grind it with a little water till the coconut turns into a coarse paste. Drop in the banana and pulse it. Tip the mixture into a bowl. Add the finely chopped curry leaves, curds and Rava. Mix. Add enough water to make a batter which you can pat with your hand on the tava/ skillet. Keep it aside for ten minutes. If you find the mixture a little dry, add some water and adjust the consistency. Heat a tava. Take some batter and pat it onto the tava either thick or thin as required. I prefer patting it to medium thickness- neither too thick nor too thin. Drizzle with ghee or oil. Roast to a rich golden brown. Flip and roast the other side too. Serve hot with fresh home made butter.

This proportion makes 8 Bhakris.

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