Poori bhaji – 4

This is the fourth type of Potato Bhaji which is also called Patal Bhaji. Served either with Poori or Dosa, it is literally a runny mash of potatoes and onions. Some add a handful of peas too to it, but I prefer mine without them.

Ingredients :

3 medium sized potatoes, pressure cooked, deskinned and mashed well.

2 large onions chopped very fine

5 green chillies minced

1 inch piece of ginger grated

2 tbsps oil

1 tsp mustard seeds

1 tsp Urad dal/split black gram

1/4 tsp Tamarind paste

A pinch of Haldi /Turmeric



Heat the oil in a pan. Drop in the mustard. After it crackles add the Urad dal. Allow it to turn golden brown. Tip in the onions, green chillies and ginger. Add salt and roast till translucent. Drop in the Haldi, and add the potatoes. Mix well. Pour in a glass of water (250 ml) and bring to boil. Allow to simmer on a gentle flame for five minutes. Add the tamarind paste and cook for another couple of minutes. Add more water if required and boil well. . This Bhaji is a little runny and should not be thick. Serve hot with Poori or Dosa.

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