Peanut and Sesame Dry Chutney

Winters in India are associated with hot Jowar bhakri, peanut and sesame chutney, roasted brinjals and a variety of greens. This roasted peanut and sesame chutney goes well with Bhakri, Chapati or even on buttered slices of bread.

Ingredients :

100 gms Peanuts

50 gms Sesame

15 garlic cloves

2 heaped tbsps of Kashmiri Chilly powder


A large pinch of Jeera/Cumin seeds

A Chickpea sized piece of Tamarind


Roast the peanuts on a gentle flame and remove the skin. Alternatively you could microwave them till they are crisp. Dry roast the sesame too on a gentle flame till they start spluttering. Allow to cool. Drop in the roasted peanuts, sesame, tamarind, chilly powder, garlic and salt into a mixer jar and powder the ingredients on pulse mode. Do not fine grind them as both peanuts and sesame release oil. Just pulse to a coarse consistency. Enjoy with hot Bhakri or chapati.

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