Kada Prasad .

Kada Prasad is the offering at all the Gurudwaras all over India. The Sikh community holds ‘Langar’ or free food for anyone wishing to partake food at the Gurudwara. A rich and fragrant offering of wheat flour roasted in Ghee is prepared and distributed to all the devotees. The term Kada comes from the huge Kadhai in which it is prepared. Kada in Punjabi means to scrape. Scraping the sides of the Kadhai to roast the flour resulted in the offering being named Kada Prasad.


Equal quantities of

Ghee/ clarified butter

Wheat flour




Pour the ghee into a pan. Add the wheat flour and keep roasting it on a gentle flame till it turns golden brown and fragrant. Add boiling water into it and allow it to cook for a minute. Add the sugar and keep stirring till the entire mixture comes together. Remove and serve .

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