Garlic Potato stir-fry

This is a fiery garlic potato stir fry for the spice lovers. I had made it with just half a kg of baby potatoes to try out the recipe shared by my friend Sharmila Shirali, as my husband loves spicy dishes. We had a real treat as it went extremely well with the Dal rice and curds with which I served it.


1/2 kg baby potatoes pressure cooked and peeled

12 Byadgi chillies

10 cloves of garlic


2 tbsps coconut oil or oil of choice


Soak the Byadgi chillies and garlic together in half a glass of water for an hour. Grind it along with required amount of salt to a fine paste. Marinate the baby potatoes for about an hour in this ground paste. Heat oil in a pan. Drop in the potatoes and saute on a gentle flame till the raw smell disappears and you can smell the aroma of garlic that has been sauteed well. Allow the potatoes to rest for an hour before you serve them so that the potatoes could absorb the flavour. Reheat and serve with Dal rice.

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