Eggplant and Drumstick Sambhar Recipe

This is another variety of Sambhar which is popular down South. The combination of Eggplant / Brinjal and Drumstick impsrts a unique flavour to the Sambhar. Best enjoyed with steaming hot rice with a dollop of Ghee.

Ingredients :

200 gms tiny variety of Eggplant halved

1 Drumstick cut into two inch long pieces

1 potato, cubed

2 medium sized onions sliced

2 tbsps Sambhar Masala

150 gms Arhar /Toor Dal pressure cooked

1 level tbsp tamarind paste


2 tbsps Ghee/Clarified Butter

1 tsp Mustard seeds

A large pinch of Hing /Asafoetida

2 sprigs Curry leaves


Drop the Potato and onion into a pan. Add three cups of water, and when three fourth done add the eggplant, drumstick, Sambhar powder and salt. When almost done add the cooked and churned Dal. Drop in the tamarind paste and boil well. Heat the Ghee in a pan. Drop in the mustard. After it splutters add the Hing, toss and tip in the curry leaves. Drop the seasoning into the boiling Sambhar. Switch off and keep aside for fifteen minutes before serving.


The recipe for Sambhar powder is given under the Spice Powder section of this blog.

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