Broccoli stem fritters.

The tender stem of the Brocolli can not only be used in a variety of dishes like Pulao, stir-fry or pickle but also can be served as fritters. Fritters can be prepared by either dipping the stem in a batter of Besan or by sprinkling them with spices and Besan and then deep frying them. Either way they taste delicious!


Tender stem of Broccoli sliced into thin strips.

Salt, coriander powder, cumin powder, chilly powder, asafoetida all as per preference.

A mixture of three parts of Besan and one part of rice flour.

Oil to fry.


Tip the sliced stems into a bowl. Rub in the salt and allow to stand for a couple of minutes. Add the spices, besan and rice flour and mix well. Sprinkle a little water if the mixture seems too dry so that the spices, besan and rice flour coat the stems well. Marinate for about half an hour. Heat oil in a pan. Drop in the stems a few at a time and deep fry them till golden brown and crisp. Serve as a side dish with rice and dal or as a starter with a dip.

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