Bimbla Nonche /Tree Sorrel Pickle Recipe

Tree Sorrel or Bimbul, Bimbla as it is called is used in a variety of dishes as a souring agent in the South of India. The tree takes a couple of years to take root but the yield is enormous once it starts bearing fruit. High in Vitamin C, this fruit is also pickled in a variety of ways. Posting a very popular pickle enjoyed by the Konkani community. It goes well with Rice, Dosa, Roti and even as a spread over buttered Bread. A heartfelt thanks to my friend Mrs. Vijaya Shenoy who regularly supplies me with this delectable fruit.

Ingredients :

  • 1/2 kg Bimbul
  • 200 gms Everest Kashmiri Lal Chilly powder
  • 100 gms mustard
  • 2 tbsps Turmeric powder
  • 150 gms salt
  • A marble sized piece of Hing /Asafoetida
  • Boiled and cooled water.

Method :
Wash and dry the Bimbul thoroughly. Put them in a bottle and tip in the salt. Shake the bottle to spread the salt evenly. Cap it and keep shaking the bottle twice a day for two days. You will notice that the Bimbul releases water. Boil a litre of water and allow to cool thoroughly. With half a litre of water grind the chilly powder, mustard, Turmeric and Asafoetida to a smooth paste. Add more water if required while grinding. Drop this ground paste into the bottle. Mix well. The Masala should be of pouring consistency. If it is thick, thin it down with the remaining water. Cap the bottle and allow the Pickle to mature for a fortnight. Stays good for a year.

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