Zafrani kheer.

Zafran translates to saffron in Urdu and Zafrani kheer is a dish prepared in the Northern states of India. Also called Gullathi, it is rice kheer which is served at weddings in most parts of the North. A fragrant and rich dessert it is also garnished with a variety of chopped dry fruits.


1 litre full fat milk

1/2 cup khoya

2 tbsps Basmati rice

7 green cardamom

12 cashewnuts

A few strands of saffron

12 tsps sugar powdered

A handful of dried fruits like cashews, pistachio and almonds chopped.


Soak the saffron in three tablespoons of milk. Keep aside. Also soak the Basmati rice in water for about half an hour. Drain and grind it along with the twelve cashews and cardamom to a fine paste with a little milk. Pour the full fat milk in a heavy bottomed pan and bring to a boil. Keep simmering for about five minutes. Tip in the khoya, the ground paste and the saffron infused milk. Keep simmering, taking care to see that you keep stirring it once every couple of minutes till the rice is cooked. After another four minutes add the chopped dried fruits and powdered sugar. Simmer for another four minutes and switch off at this stage as the kheer turns slightly thick on cooling. Serve the Zafrani kheer hot or cold.

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