Watermelon rind Halva Recipe

This is a best out of waste recipe. Delicious Halva made from the white portion that is left behind after scooping off the water melon from it’s rind. It is also used to make soft fluffy dosa. The watermelon this time was huge, so could get quite a huge amount of the white portion.

Ingredients :

White portion of the Watermelon grated fine

Sugar as per requirement

Cashewnuts and kishmish

Ghee to roast the dried fruits

Cardamom powder


Tip the grated rind and sugar into a microwave safe bowl. Power cook for fifteen minutes. Remove, mix and check for consistency. If still a little watery, power cook for another five minutes. Heat the Ghee in a pan. Drop in the Cashews and kishmish and roast to a golden brown. Tip in the Halva and heat thoroughly. Add cardamom powder, mix well and serve hot

Note: The amount of sugar totally depends on the sweetness of the rind. Add a small quantity at first. If required, more can be added later on.

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