Tuppa Dosa

Tuppa translates to Ghee/ clarified butter in Kannada. This melt in the mouth soft, spongy and fluffy dosa is usually drizzled with ghee liberally. Served either with a coconut or peanut chutney, it’s sponginess will leave you asking for more


250 gms raw rice

50 gms urad dal/ split black gram

One large fistful poha/ beaten rice

1 level tsp methi/ Fenugreek seeds

150 gms maida




Wash and soak the urad dal, rice and methi seeds together. Wash and soak the poha separately. All have to be soaked for about five hours. Grind everything together to a smooth batter adding water as required to get a batter of flowing consistency. If using the wet grinder grind it for half an hour. If using the mixer it is ready within minutes, but the volume of batter when ground in the wet grinder is nearly three times that of the batter ground in the mixer. Remove the batter in a vessel. Add salt, mix well and allow to ferment for 10 hours. Add the maida. Mix thoroughly. Heat a tava/ skillet. Mix the batter thoroughly and pour a ladleful of it on the tava, spreading it gently but keeping the dosa thick. Drizzle with ghee. Cover and cook over a medium flame. This dosa is not usually flipped and is ready within a couple of minutes. Some do flip and roast it on the other side as well. Serve hot with chutney.

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