Tikklet Recipe

After making the Stuffed Snake gourd and the Sweet potato fritters, the filling of the Stuffed Snake gourd and the batter of the Sweet potato fritters was left over. I was just thinking what to do with the little of each which was left, when a thought struck me. Why not combine both and make it into a tikki or cutlet? Well… It was neither a tikki nor a cutlet so called it Tikklet. 😁

Ingredients :

The ingredients are the left overs of both the recipes, links to which are given below.

Stuffed Snake Gourd Fritters Recipe

Sweet Potato Fritters Recipe – 2

Method :

Combine the ingredients of both the above mentioned recipes and mix thoroughly. Add some finely chopped Coriander leaves and onions, pat them into shape and deep fried them to a golden brown. Serve with Tomato ketchup or a mint chutney.
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