Sharing a Thali today of Rice, Dalithoy, Chana Ghashi, French Beans upkari, Cucumber Hullel, Coriander leaves Gozzu, Capsicum Fritters, Cheppi Kheeri, Mixed vegetable Pickle and Masala Buttermilk. Recipe links to all the items are given below.

Recipe to make the perfect Rice

Dalithoy Recipe

Chana Ghashi Recipe

French Beans Stir Fry Recipe

Cucumber Sasam/Hullel

Coriander Leaves Sweet and Tangy Gozzu /Chutney Recipe

Capsicum/ Bell pepper Fritters Recipe

Cheppi Kheeri/Rice cooked in Coconut milk

Mixed Vegetable Pickle Recipe

Masala Buttermilk Recipe

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