Tender Mango Pickle Recipe

One of the favourites amongst Indians, tender Mango Pickle lends the necessary zing to a meal. Popularly known as Vadu Manga in Tamil or Appe Midi in Konkani, this pickle is made in the month of March or beginning of April. This particular variety of tender Mango is slowly becoming scarce in the local market because of its mounting supply to the Pickle making industries. My heartfelt thanks to my sister in law Roopa Prabhu who hunted it out and sent it to me.

Ingredients :

  • 2 kgs tender mango
  • 200 gms Iodised Table salt
  • 1/2 kg Everest Tikhalal Chilly Powder
  • 200 gms Mustard
  • 25 gms Hing/Asafoetida
  • 1 tbsp Haldi/Turmeric powder
  • Boiled and cooled water as required
  • 100 gms Coconut oil


Wash the tender mangoes thoroughly. Allow to dry on a cloth. Remove the stalks if any. Do not remove the stalks before washing and drying, as the water can seep into the tender mango and spoil the pickle. Tip them into a broad vessel. Sprinkle the salt and mix thoroughly. Keep mixing it about four times a day for three days. The tender mango changes colour and also releases water. Keep aside. Boil and thoroughly cool around 1 litre of water. Powder the mustard and asafoetida first and then grind it along with the chilly powder and turmeric to a smooth paste with the boiled and cooled water. Drop the ground paste into the tender mangoes and mix thoroughly. You can increase or decrease the quantity of water depending on how thick or thin you want the pickle to be. Store the Pickle in ceramic jars or glass bottles. Heat the coconut oil to smoking point. Allow to cool thoroughly. Dip a cloth in it and place it over the pickle to prevent air from entering. Cap the bottle tightly and allow to stand undisturbed in a cool dark place in the kitchen cupboard. This pickle takes a little more than a month to mature. Enjoy it with Roti, rice or even with bread.

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