Tavsha muddo/ Cucumber dumpling

A traditional Konkani delicacy is the Tavsha muddo. Tavshe is cucumber in my mother tongue Konkani. An easy to prepare dish which is traditionally steamed in banana leaves. One can also steam it in an idli stand if banana leaves are unavailable.


One large Cucumber

Half of a coconut grated

8 green chillies

2 inch piece of ginger

300 gms Semolina/ rava


A pinch of sugar


Blitz the green chillies and ginger till they are well crushed and then add the grated coconut. Grind to a coarse paste adding a little water. Tip it into a bowl. Add grated cucumber, rava and salt. Mix well and allow to rest for five minutes. The rava would have absorbed all the water. Add more water if required to make a batter of a consistency that can be patted on the banana leaf.

Make six inch sized pieces of the leaf. The batter is to be patted on one side and covered with the other side of the leaf like a packet… Keep the steamer boiling before beginning to pat the batter on the leaves. Once the water has started boiling reduce heat and pat the batter on the banana leaves. Place them in the steamer and steam them for fifteen minutes. Switch off and gently remove these packets. Allow to cool for a couple of minutes and peel off the leaf. Serve warm with fresh home made butter.

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