Tandoori Roti

Tandoori roti is generally prepared in a Tandoor or a cylindrical clay oven. Today this can be prepared in the comfort of one’s home without a Tandoor. All one needs is a cast iron tava/ skillet. Do not make this Roti on your non stick tava as it not only damages it, but the Roti too does not stick to the tava.

The dough to be prepared is the same as the Chapati dough. The only difference is that the roti is rolled out a little thicker than a Chapati . The recipe link to the Chapati is shared below.



Roll out the Rotis a little thicker than the regular Chapati. This is to ensure that the Roti retains it’s softness and doesn’t turn crisp. Heat the tava. Gently brush some water on one side of the Roti and place the water side downwards on the tava. This helps the Roti to stick to the Tava. After a few seconds you will see bubbles appearing on the underside. Now invert the tava with the Roti facing directly over the flame. Keep moving it to see that it is evenly roasted. Remove and check that the underside too is well roasted. If not roast it over the open flame. Apply Ghee/ clarified butter or butter on the Roti and serve with subzi of your choice. Here I have served it with Palak paneer which is a family favourite.


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