Strawberry yoghurt

Fruit yoghurts are relatively new to India. The traditional ones using saffron and mango are called Shrikhand and Amrakhand respectively. With the introduction of a variety of fruit yoghurts from the west, India is fast catching up on this concept and Indian companies are coming out with a number of these yoghurts. These can traditionally be made at home. The only requirement is thick curd or hung curd. Posting the recipe of a strawberry yoghurt today which my friend Jayashree T Rao shared with me.


1 cup / 250 ml hung curd

5 strawberries chopped

2 tsps sugar


Spread a cheesecloth or a muslin cloth over a bowl. Tip in 300 ml or 1.5 cups of yoghurt into it and tie the ends of the cloth tightly. Allow the water in the yoghurt to run off into the bowl. After a couple of hours all the water would have drained and what is left behind is hung curd which is approximately around 250 ml. Tip this hung curd into a mixer along with the strawberries and sugar. Using the pulse mode, whip it up till the strawberries and yoghurt have blended well. Chill and serve.

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