Spicy Arbi fry.

Arbi fry is an Indian stir fry made with taro root, also known as colocasia. The arbi is coated in spices and shallow-fried over a medium flame till it is golden and crisp. It is popular both in North and South India. The spices used vary in both the regions.


500 gms Arbi /taro root boiled, peeled and cut into bite sized pieces

4 tbsps Oil

¼ tsp Carom/ Ajwain seeds

3 tbsps Red chilli powder

1 tsp Cumin/ jeera powder

1 tsp Amchur/ dry mango powder



Wash and boil the arbi in a pan for about fifteen minutes. A toothpick pierced into the arbi should go in smoothly. Drain water. Allow to cool. Peel and chop or slice as per preference.
Heat oil in a pan. Add ajwain and when it starts sizzling add
the arbi and roast for a few minutes or until it becomes slightly crisp. The roasting should be on a gentle flame throughout with a quick toss in between. Taro roots are slimy in nature so they have to be roasted until crisp to get rid of the slimy texture.
Add salt, red chilly powder, cumin and Amchur powders. Mix well and cook for a couple of minutes on low heat. Serve hot with rice.

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