Spices- Nature’s beauty products.

Spices are some of the natural beauty products that we find in our kitchen. We tend to overlook them, as the commercially packaged ones look more attractive. Today’s post is how we can use these very spices that are found in every kitchen to our advantage.

SAFFRON – soak some saffron in milk and allow it to stand for half an hour. Make a paste and apply it on the face. Wash off after half an hour. It imparts a glow!

SUGAR AND CARDAMOM POWDER– Both work in exfoliation. Take sugar and Aloe Vera Gel and gently massage it on the face. It rids the face of dead skin. Mix Honey and Cardamom powder. Massage it in circular motion all over. This too acts as a good exfoliatior.

CLOVES AND CINNAMON– Add a couple of drops of clove oil to coconut oil and use it as a moisturiser before bath. The same holds good for cinnamon oil too. Both contain anti fungal and anti bacterial properties which help the skin in remaining healthy.

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