Sandwich Dhokla Recipe

I had a couple of Gits instant Dhokla packets which I had picked up as an after thought before lock down. One was a Khaman Dhokla mix and the other a Khatta Dhokla. Decided to make some sandwich Dhokla by steaming both together separated by a layer of all purpose Chutney. Posting the link to the All purpose chutney below.

Ingredients :

1 Packet of Instant Khaman Dhokla mix

2 Packet of Instant Khatta Dhokla mix

2 tbsps of all purpose Chutney

Oil to grease the plate


Keep a pan with water boiling ready. Grease a large plate with a tbsp of oil and place it over a trivet in the pan. Open the Gits Khaman Dhokla mix and follow instructions on the packet. Pour the batter into the plate. Cover and steam for twelve minutes. Pierce with a tooth pick to check if its done. If done, apply a thick layer of All Purpose Chutney on the steamed Dhokla. Open the Khatta Dhokla Mix and again follow the instructions on the packet. Pour the batter over the layer of chutney very gently so that it is evenly spread all over the steamed Khaman Dhokla. Cover and steam for five minutes. Open, and sprinkle with some chilly and pepper powder , cover and steam for another seven minutes. Again check to see if done. Remove from flame . Set aside. Allow to cool for a while. Cut into pieces of desired size. Serve with all purpose Chutney.

All purpose Chutney, Recipe

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