Roasted Idli

Leftover idli roasted to a crisp. This is usually made after the idli has rested for a few hours as they are too soft and fluffy to be sliced and roasted when just made. It is much easier slicing Idli made in a katori than the one made in an Idli stand. The recipe link to the idli is given below.

Ingredients :

6 idlis




Method :

Slice the idli as shown. Heat a tava/skillet. Drizzle some ghee or oil. Spread it thoroughly. Place the slices of Idli and drizzle again with Ghee. Sprinkle salt and pepper as required. Allow to roast for a couple of minutes. Flip. Roast on the other side as well. Serve hot as is or with tomato ketchup.

Idli Recipe

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