Restaurant style chutney

The recipe of this restaurant style chutney was shared by my friend Smitha Pai. Goes well with all kinds of Dosas and Idli. This is a chutney typically made in South Karnataka in India.


1 cup roasted Bengal gram/ Daalia/ Puttani

1/4 tsp Jeera/ cumin seeds

1/2 cup grated coconut

6 mint leaves

3 cloves of garlic

5 curry leaves

A couple of sprigs of coriander

5 green chillies or more if required

1/2 tsp tamarind paste


For tempering:

1 tbsp oil

1tsp mustard

1 tsp urad dal/ split black gram

1 sprig curry leaves


Powder the roasted gram. Drop in the grated coconut, green chillies, Jeera, garlic ,curry, mint and coriander leaves, salt and tamarind paste. Grind fine by adding a little water. Tip it into a bowl. Heat oil in a pan. Drop in the mustard and after it splutters add the urad dal. Once it turns golden brown drop in the curry leaves. Pour the seasoning into the chutney. Mix and adjust consistency by adding water as required.

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