Preparation of Coconut Oil

For those who are wary of buying the refined and processed Coconut oil in the market, here is an easy way of making it at home. Though dried coconut or Copra is used commercially for the extraction of oil, one can make it at home using mature coconuts.

Ingredients :

  • 3 large Coconuts
  • 8 glasses of hot water
  • Sieve or Cheese cloth to extract milk
  • Paper towels to strain the oil.

Method :

Break the coconuts into two halves. Prise the kernel from the shell using a knife. Cut it into small pieces and tip in as much as the blender can hold. Water too depends upon the size of the blender. Take care to see the water is hot. Grind to a smooth paste. Sieve the paste. Tip the residue back into the blender. Grind again with hot water and sieve it. Take care to see that the coconut milk has been totally extracted. Refrigerate the extract for four hours. The fat will form a hard cake and float on top of the water. Gently remove it and put it in a pan. Heat it on a slow flame stirring once in a while till a brown charred residue forms at the bottom of the pan. Remove from heat and allow to cool for about ten to fifteen minutes. Use a kitchen towel to strain the oil into glass bottles. Three coconuts yield around 750ml of oil.

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