Pessarattu Upma

Pessarattu upma or what is also known as MLA Pessarattu is a popular dosa made from whole green gram and served with a dollop of upma either tucked inside it or spread all over the dosa. . It is served along with a variety of chutneys the most popular being the roasted gram and coriander chutney and the ginger chutney called allam pachadi. One Pessarattu and you are ready for the day!

Posting the links to Pessarattu, upma and the roasted gram chutney… Upma is prepared separately and is made slightly more softer than the regular one by adding a little more of water than usual.

Pour the batter of the Pessarattu over a hot skillet. Drizzle with ghee or oil. Allow to roast over a gentle flame till crisp and golden brown in colour. Top it with the Upma. Spread. Fold the Pessarattu into half and serve hot.

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