Peas Pulao-2

This variety of Peas Pulao is a Sattvik one. I have already posted one which makes use of onions in this website. Today’s recipe was shared by my friend Usha Nayak and it is every bit as flavourful as the one with onions. Be sure to be a little liberal with the whole spices as this Pulao doesn’t have green chillies as well. The original recipe is the one made in a pressure cooker. I prefer cooking the rice separately as there’s no fear of it getting mushy which does happen if it is not matured rice. Sharing the link below of how to make the perfect rice for Pulao.


1 cup/ 250 gms Basmati rice cooked and ready.

1/2 cup or 125 gms of frozen peas

3 tbsps Ghee/ clarified butter

2 Inch piece of Cinnamon

3 green cardamom

1/2 big Cardamom

1 star anise

1 large Tej Patha

4 cloves

15 cashewnuts halved



Heat the Ghee in a pan. Drop in the spices and the cashewnuts. Roast on a gentle flame till the cashews turn a lovely golden brown. Add the frozen peas and salt and saute for about three minutes. If using fresh peas, make sure you cook them beforehand. Once the peas are done, add the cooked rice, mix well and check for salt. Heat on a gentle flame till the Peas Pulao is heated well. Serve with a mixed vegetable raita.

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