Onion and veggies poha

Onion and veggies poha was one breakfast that we as kids enjoyed during our Girl guides and Boy Scouts camps that were always held amidst the greenery of a forest… Each of us was assigned a task. The girls would chop vegetables, clean the place, light the choolah and get things ready for breakfast. The boys would fetch water, bring firewood and help around with the odd jobs. I can still remember the distinct fragrance of the onion and veggies poha on that choolah… Sheer heaven.

This preparation is exactly like how one prepares aloo poha….Posting the link to the Aloo poha… One just needs to add whatever veggies one would prefer along with the potatoes. Here I have used carrot, capsicum and peas. Par boil the carrot and peas and saute them with the onions once the onions turn golden brown. Rest of the procedure is the same.


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