Moong dal Chilla.

Moong dal chilla are savoury Indian Pancakes made with soaked and ground split green gram dal. The batter is not fermented. Cumin seeds, ginger and green chilies are added. Vegetables like onions, carrots, tomatoes and coriander leaves too are added to enhance the taste and the nutrition quotient.


Moong dal chila

250 gms split green gram/ moong dal

1 onion chopped fine

1 carrot grated

A fistful of boiled sweet corn

1 small tomato chopped fine

5 green chillies chopped finely

1 inch piece of ginger grated

1 tsp cumin powder

2 tbsps rice flour

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

2 tbsps finely chopped coriander leaves


Oil to roast the chilla.


Wash and soak the moong dal in enough water for five hours. Drain and grind it to a smooth batter using a little water. Tip it into a vessel. Add the rice flour and whisk well. The batter should be neither too thick nor thin. Add the green chillies, ginger, cumin powder, turmeric and salt. Mix well and keep aside for half an hour.
Heat a tava/ griddle. Pour a ladleful of batter and spread it thick into a six inch diameter sized pancake. Top it with the tomatoes, onion, carrot, corn and coriander leaves. Alternatively you can add the vegetables in the batter itself. Drizzle a tsp of oil, cover and cook till the underside is roasted and turns a golden brown. Flip. Drizzle with oil again and roast on the other side as well. Remove and place it on a wooden board. Cut it into pieces with a pizza cutter or serve the whole chilla without cutting with some green chutney and tomato ketchup.

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