Moodo/Idli batter steamed in Screw Pine leaves

Idli batter steamed in Jackfruit leaves is called Khotto and the same when steamed in Screw Pine leaves is called Moodo. A delicacy savoured by the Konkani community of Mangalore, India, it is served with a Chutney or with any spicy coconut curry. The screw pine leaves are woven into a cylinder like holder with the help of coconut fiber and Idli batter is steamed in it. The leaves impart a distinct aroma to the dish. The Moodo after it is steamed is allowed to cool for a few minutes. It is then unmoulded by gently removing the topmost coconut fiber which holds the cylinder in place. The leaf can then be just rolled down. The steamed Moodo looks like a log and is sliced into desired size before serving. The recipe link to the Idli batter and also the Chutney is given below.

Idli Recipe

Coconut Chutney Recipe – 2

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