Milk Parathas

I normally bind the Paratha dough with water and a tsp of Ghee. Tried out the recipe shared by my friend Mukherjee Mala of binding it with milk and adding some Kasuri methi and ajwain to it. It’s turned out extremely fragrant and delicious.


250 gms wheat flour

2 tsps oil

1/2 a tsp of Ajwain/ carom seeds

1 tbsp Kasuri methi


Milk enough to bind the dough

Ghee/ clarified butter to roast the Parathas


Gently crush the Ajwain and Kasuri methi with your palms and tip them into a bowl. This helps in releasing their fragrance. Add salt and half a cup of lukewarm milk. Add the wheat flour and bind a soft dough. Add more milk if required while binding. Add the oil and knead the dough for a couple of minutes. Cover and keep aside for about fifteen minutes. Knead the dough again for a minute and make ten balls of the dough. Roll out a ball into a circle of three inches diameter and apply half a tsp of Ghee on it. Fold it into half and again apply a little ghee. Fold it again into a triangle and roll out into a triangular shaped Paratha. Finish off similarly with the remaining balls of dough. Heat a tava/ skillet. Brush it with Ghee. Gently place the Paratha on the hot skillet and brush ghee on top. Roast to a golden brown. Flip and roast on the other side too. Serve hot with curd/ yoghurt and a subzi.

This proportion makes ten Parathas

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