Masala Neer dosa/ Khara Tellavu

Neer dosa is a popular dosa/ crepe from coastal Karnataka and is enjoyed with a chicken curry by the non vegetarians and with a spicy coconut chutney or a pickle drizzled generously with coconut oil by the vegetarians. This is another version of Neer dosa with spices and condiments added. Known as Khara Tellavu in local parlance the recipe of this Masala neer dosa was shared by my friend Flavia Lewis. It is usually served with slices of banana mixed with coconut and jaggery. As the family likes a Chutney to go along, I have made a simple coconut chutney without a seasoning.


1 cup/ 200 gms rice soaked for five hours

1/4 th coconut gratings

1 large onion chopped roughly

2 tbsps coriander seeds

7 Byadgi chillies


Oil to roast the dosa


Powder the coriander seeds and Byadgi chillies. Then tip in the onion and coconut. Grind to a smooth paste. Add the rice and adding a little water at a time grind it too to a very fine batter . Pour the batter in a container and water it down to a flowing consistency. Add salt, mix and keep aside for ten minutes. Heat a tava/ skillet. Splash a ladleful of batter on the tava. Drizzle with oil. This dosa is roasted only on one side as it is very thin and cooks within a minute. Neer dosa batter is never spread but splashed by holding the tava slightly tilted at an angle to facilitate the batter to run. This gives the lacy effect to the dosa. The tava should be extremely hot to get a lacy and porous Neer dosa. Fold and serve hot.

Accompaniment: Slice two elaichi bananas fine. Add three tablespoons of coconut and two tbsps of jaggery syrup and mix well. The link to the Chutney is given below.

This proportion makes 14 dosas.

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