Lemon Sherbeth with a difference

The peel of any fruit contains maximum vitamins. I normally put the peel or skin of vegetables to good use and other than fruits like oranges and grapefruit, most fruits are eaten along with the peel. Decided to try a Lemon Sherbeth along with the zest as it is high in Vitamin C. It tastes Divine.

Ingredients :

750 ml chilled water/ 3 glasses

9 tsps of sugar/ or as per choice

1 tsp Everest Chaat Masala

1 tsp Black salt

2 Lemons

Ice cubes


Wash the lemons well. Grate the outer peel of the lemons till they appear white. Keep it aside. Cut the lemons into half and squeeze out the juice. Grind the Lemon zest, Chaat masala, black salt, sugar and lemon juice. Pour it into the chilled water. Add the ice cubes and serve immediately.

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